Thursday, 19 April 2007

Snooker: Who Will Win the World Snooker Championships?

On the Snooker Scene Blog, Dave H asks who's going to win the World Championships that start this weekend. I posted a comment to his post with my own views. Here's pretty much what I said:

It's not an easy year to predict who is going to win the World Championships, but I'm going to give it my best shot anyway. I was really impressed with Dott in the China Open and fancy him to get to the semis at least.

The biggest match in the first round is clearly Ding - Ronnie. I think Ding might have his snooker head on for Sheffield and see him beating Ronnie (who's going to retire again when he gets beat - only joking! :-) ). Once Ding gets past Ronnie I can see him going all the way to the final.

I think Doherty's got a really good draw and can see him beating Stevens, Murphy and Selby on the way to the final.

Hendry's form hasn't been so good for a few years now. For me he just doesn't look solid on his shots like he did back in the 90s (I've got the vids to prove it!), so I think Selby will beat him in the quarters.

That leaves a KenDinger of a final!! Ding won't beat Hendry's record at the first time of asking so Ken's going to win his second World Crown and reclaim the number one spot.

I mean, Ding winning at his first attempt, ...that would be like a rookie F1 Grand Prix driver getting 3 podiums in his first 3 races and winning a GP in his first year wouldn't it!!! Silly idea!

Here's looking forward to a good 17 days.



Gwynston said...

Yes, very unpredictable this year. In the Crucible Prediction Contest, I've chosen Ronnie to beat Ding, just to be different to you Andy! However, then there's the dilemma of the round 2 game against Robertson, who's had a brilliant season! And then the winner of that has to play Dott!

In the bottom half I've actually got Murphy down to beat Doherty. I used to really rate Ken, but he just never seemed to step up to that next level where he can dominate proceedings. He's had a steady couple years (hence his ranking), but he's just thereabouts - not winning things.

The choice between Hendry/Doherty/Murphy/Ebdon is very tough to call (Selby for the quarters - are you serious???)

In the top half, the choice between Ronnie/Ding/Dott/Robertson is equally tricky.

In the end, my radical choice is for Robertson to beat Ebdon in the final. Let's just hope we don't get another Dott/Ebdon yawnfest...!

Andy said...

A yawnfest for the purists it was, ...I enjoyed the 2006 final!


jonni said...

I can't see how Ding can beat Ronnie... after his drubbing in the Masters, it's going to be very hard for ding to play his best snooker against Ronnie now. I know what it's like when you have a bad oppontent who you never perform against.

I'm gonna stick my neck on the line and say Ronnie Murphy final. And Ronnie will win it 18-12. ;-) je je je... all a good laugh