Monday, 23 April 2007

Snooker: Rocket Dents Ding's Chances

We're only in between sessions but the chances of Ding making it through to the second round of the World Championships are now very very slim.

Ronnie was playing well and missed very little in the first session. But I do feel that Ding made Ronnie's life a little easier with his slightly reckless approach.

Ding's composure didn't look to be there yesterday and he seemed to be going for way too many shots. People talk about Ding having a good temperament but I'm not too sure any more. After first bursting onto the scene his temperament looked great, similar to Marco Fu's and James Wattana's, but lately we've seen chinks in the China armour.

When watching the Premier League on Sky Sports last year, we saw Ding completely lose it in one of his matches (I think it was when he played Jimmy White), thrashing balls all over the table and looking completely frustrated. Then we saw him lose his composure in the final of the Masters, Ronnie evidently stopping him from conceding the match a frame or 2 early.

At 8-1 down Ding now only has a very slim chance of getting through, it's tough to see Ronnie losing it from that position, although we all know he's prone to his meltdowns too!! Let's hope Ding can get back into it this afternoon and make a match out of a demolition. My prediction of Ding making it to the final doesn't look too good at the moment either!

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