Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Snooker: Williams vs Swail

What a fantastic match. Unfortunately another former champion bites the dust but Swail really turned it on under pressure to win a final frame decider 10-9.

Williams looked in command when 8-6 up but missed a couple of long pots to let Joe Swail in. Swail's long potting was excellent and he was banging them in from all over the place. He looked under control right until the end and the first time he lead the match was when he took the final frame.

Williams hasn't really been on form for a couple of seasons and only looked good in spells. His positional play wasn't quite there and he missed some easy balls in and around the black spot.

Overall, Swail deserved the victory, ...just! Great to see another final frame decider at the Crucible.

Swail will now play Maguire in the next round.


Gwynston said...

Yeah, I enjoyed watching the highlights of this last night. Swail hasn't done much for the past couple of years, but I was reminded how good he is to watch when on form. The way he holds the cue is obviously very wierd, but I love the way he plays the game - all swashbuckling, thumping the balls in. And of course, he wears his heart on his sleeve, so the crowd always warms to him.

But what about Williams? What a disaster of a season - he hasn't even won a match since last year! He just looks completely out of sorts and is lucky to keep his top 16 place, as he's provisionally 30th in this season's ranking points!

andy said...

Williams has talked about quitting the game in the past. He's said that he's a little tired of his embarrassing performances. I think that's a little strong but I guess pros expect much better from themselves and really don't enjoy the game when they feel they playing badly.

I love this quote that I got from the BBC website, "I just wasn't there, I didn't perform. I played like a fish!" :-)

Swail was very proud of his performance and that's good to see as well. One of his quotes, "Everyone was saying he's had a bad season and I should beat him, but that's rubbish." I think that's true, you can never be too careful against a talent like Williams!