Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Snooker: North vs South

Mark Allen has defeated the ex-world champion Ken Doherty by 10 frames to 7. This must rate as Mark Allen's best professional performance of his young career!

I was talking about newcomers in one of my previous posts, Mark Allen is now the only newcomer to have made it through to the next round. He now goes on to play Matthew Stevens, another very tough match as Stevens tends to play his best snooker at the Crucible, having been runner-up twice.

Unfortunately I was unable to see the final session of the match. If anybody out there saw it and would like to comment, please feel free to do so with the "comments" link below.


Gwynston said...

Oh dear Andy - your picks for the Crucible Contest are dropping like flies! Of the semi-finalists you chose, Dott, Ding and Doherty are all out! (The 3 D's!)

Didn't see any of Allen's play, but saw the conclusion of Trump v Murphy last night. Trump played some good stuff, but couldn't keep it going in the end, and had no plan B, so Murphy's superior tactics won the day.

Hard to see how good Trump may become. He's very young and got a 147 even younger than Ronnie, but he still has a lot to learn.

andy said...

Hi Gwyn,

Yeah I saw some of Allen's play. He won the European Championships in Austria when I was there playing, so you could see he was going to become an awesome player. Unfortunately I never got to play him. I did get to play another rising star though, Jamie Jones, who slaughtered me!

I saw a session of him playing Doherty yesterday as well.

I also thought Trump played brilliantly well. It's great to see this young talent coming through. I'm more impressed with Trump's cue action than I am with Allen's. But who knows who's going to turn out to be the more dangerous player in years to come. A close call!!

As for the
Crucible Contest
, I've just been unlucky this year! ;-)