Monday, 30 April 2007

Snooker: O'Sullivan overcomes the Melbourne Machine

This was a great match. In the first session O'Sullivan went 6-2 up with some great snooker. In the second session, O'Sullivan couldn't quite find his form and Neil Robertson won it 6-2 to take the match to 8-8 going into the final session. In the last frame of the second session, Robertson knocked in a majestic 140 to leap to the top of the high break board.

At 10-9 Robertson looked in control but Ronnie came back at him to make it 10-10. In the 21st frame Robertson needed a relatively easy pink with the rest to make it 11-10, but the pressure seemed get to him and he missed. Ronnie finally took the frame on the black.

Ronnie stepped up a gear for the remainder of the match and won 13-10. This was sweet revenge for Ronnie as Robertson has beaten him twice this season.

Ronnie now plays Higgins in the quarter finals which should be the pick of the quarters.

But the whole line up looks great with Maguire vs Hamilton, Ronnie vs Higgins, Stevens vs Murphy and Selby vs Carter.


Gwynston said...

Yes, what a brilliant match! Robertson justified my faith in him to come back so well, but couldn't quite overcome Ronnie in the end.

The Aussie was actually unlucky to be behind 6-2 IMO as he played alright on Sunday, but missed an easy pink to go 2-1 up and then didn't look so comfortable. But still deserved more than 2 frames from the session.

Then I heard about his amazing comeback yesterday and managed to catch some footage at work from He looked like he could pot anything in those last 4 frames where Ronnie only scored 18 points. That 140 is one of the best clearances I've ever seen. He was rarely in prime position, but potted everything fearlessly!

Then the evening session started even better, with each player sharing frames, but both usually needing just one break to win them - amazing! Overall, I think Robertson actually outplayed Ronnie (definitely better long potting), but couldn't quite hold it together over the whole match, which is what the long World Champs sessions are all about, I suppose.

It's just a shame that the draw meant only one from Ronnie/Robertson/Ding would make it to the quarters. But fair play to Ronnie for beating two of the season's form players, and I don't think he's played his best either! Ominous for the rest...

Good call on Selby, Andy. I haven't seen much of him yet, but 5 centuries in a match is fantastic. His match with Carter should be good, with both looking for their best career result to get the semis.

andy said...

Yes Robertson's long potting was better than Ronnie's and Ronnie is still struggling with his long potting against Higgins today!

The 140 was unbelievable, I'm not sure if Robertson knew he was on for the high break, ...he just didn't care where the cue ball was finishing but still potting the next ball confidently. Great to see.

And yes, also good to see my man Selby coming through, ....I think I fancy him to beat Carter! Although I think it will be close!