Monday, 30 April 2007

Snooker: WSA Blames Global Warming!

Well, ...I've heard it all now. All the players are complaining about the table conditions, how the balls are "pinging" or speeding up of the cushions and also squaring up. Here's one that I never thought I would hear from the World Snooker Association, they're blaming Global Warming!

A WSA statement read, "The temperature inside the Crucible was above what we consider the optimum as a result of unusually warm weather,"

"We've brought the temperature back to optimum and re-clothed the tables."

According to the Met Office, April could be the warmest since records began. It is true that heat can speed up the table by drying the fine cloths quickly but it doesn't really explain the unpredictable cushions.

Isn't the Crucible air conditioned? Air conditioning is great, what you can do is set it to a particular temperature regardless of the temperature outside the venue. So whether the ice caps are melting, your elderly next door neighbour is freezing to death on his way home from the shops, or Miami is getting hit by a category 5 hurricane, a snooker player can feel quite comfortable in his waistcoat and bow tie. If the Crucible isn't air conditioned, then what are they doing there!?

Let's hope the snooker table conditions improve so we can see some great high quality snooker with no excuses from the players.


Pete Williams said...

Completly agree but then we just discussed that on my blog!!!


Gwynston said...

I don't buy their "hot weather" theory either. Like you Andy, I presume the Crucible is air conditioned? Certainly during yesterday's match, Ronnie seemed to be bother by cold hands, and resorted to his trusted cup of hot water, so it couldn't have been that warm in there!

andy said...

Hi Gwyn, ...that's true, I'd forgotten about that. But some of the players have been saying it's hotter than normal in the arena.

Still, they should be able to cope with it, snooker and these tables have been around long enough for them to know what's going on.