Thursday, 3 May 2007

Snooker: Semis First Session

Didn't see much of the matches. Saw Maguire and Higgins at 3-1, looked like a great quality first session semi. All frames had a 50+ break but more importantly Maguire was 3-1 up.

The match finished 4-4 with only the last 2 frames with no breaks over 50.

Saw Murphy Selby from 5-1, I think Murphy will be a little dissapointed to only finish 5-3. It was interesting because in the final frame Terry Griffiths said, "I don't agree with this" referring to Selby and Murphy having some laughs in the last frame. I thought it was fantastic, great to see snooker players having fun and giving some entertainment to the paying public. It was like the 80s all over again, except the quality of the snooker was a little better. :-)

It looks like Selby should now be in a position that he's reasonably happy with. He's got through his first one table situation against a former world champion and is only 2 frames behind going into the second session of a four session match.

Maybe Maguire and Selby will cause upsets after all! To be continued...


Gwynston said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe that comment from Griffiths! At first I thought he was being facetious, as he and Willie Thorne had been pulling each others' legs throughout the commentary. But he seemingly really meant it - what miserable old git!

I actually don't like Terry in the commentary box. He's OK as a studio pundit, but he's too dry for commentary. Virgo and Thorne might use very poor English from time to time, but at least they get emotionally involved and talk up the games well.

Maguire and Higgins certainly seem to be plying at the higher level - shame that couldn't be the final...

andy said...

I quite like Griffiths as a commentator, Thorne is beginning to annoy me though. If an alien came down to earth, sat next to Thorne in the commentary box and listened to him talk about the game, the end of the match, the alien would think snooker was a game of luck!

I'll be missing most of the snooker today as well, ...looking forward to getting home so I can watch it. As of writing, Higgins vs Maguire are locked at 6 frames each.