Thursday, 3 May 2007

American Pool: 9-Ball Eurotour Germany - Day 1

A quick shower and shave and on the road yesterday at 9am for my 5 hour drive from Geneva to Sindelfingen. On the way I had to collect my break cue, which had been in the shop for fixing, and then stop in Zofingen (home of snooker in Switzerland) to catch the end of the Ronnie - Higgins session. After a quick coffee and few frames of snooker with Bakki in his fantastic pool and snooker club, I headded off again at about 4:30pm on my way to Germany.

I finally arrived at the club at 8pm, so a total of 5 1/2 hours on the road; not too bad. I met up with the usual crowd: Paul Kellett, Racks (Mohammed Ahasan), Craig Osborne, Dave McCarthy and a few others. We played a few racks of pool to try out the tables; all Brunswicks. I'm much happier about the pockets for this tournament. Although big, as usual, they are definitely not as generous due to the slate fall being a bit deeper this time. I think these tables are definitely better suited for the better cuists.

Right now it's 11am and I'm sitting in the hotel lobby watching the German world go by. Lots of top players wondering around the place as usual. just said hi to Marcus Chamat, he'll do an interview with me later. Will also get interviews from Kevin Uzzel and Daryl Peach when we have time.

The hotel is great, it has a nice gym downstairs with a pool and jacuzzi! I think I might go and relax in there for a bit before I prepare for my match at 3pm. So will leave you for now. Don't forget to check out the draw on:

and also the live feed from the match table can be seen here:


andy said...

Hey Jonni, good to hear from you and that everything's going ok so far. Break a leg (or someone else's) in the tournament! I'll keep an eye on the results. Good luck with the interviews!

If anybody reading knows a good audio host then please let us know. If not, we'll transcribe the interviews on greenbaize over the coming weeks!


Pete Williams said...

I have been watching on BWIN today, UK's Darren Appleton against Ralf Souquet live at the moment - if only the screen was a bit bigger and it had commentary.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the match live! Darren blew it big time at 8-5 he missed an easy 8 ball for 9-5! thing that messed his head up after that and couldn't take another chance.

How's your luck..? In my first match my opponent missed 6 balls, two of which he fluked and 3 of which he left me snookered. I missed 2 pots in the match and played great... had a few bad kisses and scratched a couple of times and lost the match 10-5. No chances off the break, I had to play about 4 push outs... that's why we love 9-ball!!! I'm hoping that the balls are gonna roll fairer in the next match. but hey... such is life... you win some you lose some!

andy said...

Hey Pete, keep watching and please keep us informed!

It's good to hear from people in the know.