Friday, 4 May 2007

American Pool: 9-Ball Eurotour Germany - Day 1 Trials

Eurotour really is awesome! Today I got to see just how cruel Eurotour can be. Even though I'm the no. 7 seed, the person you play in the first few matches is chosen at random from anyone outside the top 32 in Europe. My first match was David Pascarsi, he's a relative newcomer on the Eurotour, but a huge talent! I've played better pool and lost the match 10-5. Now I hear you asking... excuse me? well... if you know 9-ball, you'll know just how cruel it can be.

My next match, which I had to play at midnight tonight was against a young Marco Schmidt, an up and coming young German player. I must admit I was very impressed with the way he played. However, I played an almost flawless game. I made 2 mistakes in the whole match. in the first rack, I underhit a positional shot, not knowing the table very well, didn't get the bounce off the top rail I expected, and the white got stuck against the 8 ball. Then for the rest of the match I played perfect pool. Any chance I was presented with, I ran out. I then had one semi possible bank, normally I'd make it 80% of the time, but missed it on the knuckle and stuck the balls up for him. I lost 10-9 and I've made 2 mistakes in the entire match. Such is the level of Eurotour Players! This is a particularly bad result for me.. not just that, it's my worst ever result. Not to fear... I'll be back in Austria and hungrier than ever for a good result.

Note also another early victim of the eurotour random draw, Oliver Ortmann!!! yes.. the no 1 on the Eurotour is out! so some big points dropped there for him. That should really jam up the top 8 now!

Anyway... Since I'm now out of the event, I can concentrate on getting some good interviews and blogging some of them here tomorrow!

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