Sunday, 6 May 2007

Snooker: O'Sullivan and Selby

Mark Selby has won the Silver Chip award. Members of the Snooker Writers' Association have voted his performance in reaching the last four for the first time the most meritorious achievement of the tournament. More information can be found here and here. Congratulations to Mark and all the best to both players in the final over the next 2 days.

On another note, Ronnie O'Sullivan's hearing for walking out of the UK Championship will be held later this month. Ronnie needs a good slap on the wrist for this one if only to demonstrate that players cannot get away with this kind of behaviour. I'm sure Ding was influenced by Ronnie's actions while playing Ronnie at the Masters. Ding looked like he was trying to walk out of the match but Ronnie looked to save the day. If the WSA would have acted quickly, decisively and punished Ronnie for walking out, Ding might have thought twice before trying to do the same.

No player is bigger than the game and the WSA need to show the snooker world that this cannot happen. It should also be made public as the public partially fund the sport/players one way or another. I first read about this on Dave Hendon's blog.

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