Thursday, 3 May 2007

Snooker: Selby downs Carter in final frame decider

The final match of the day topped off a great day of snooker. Carter pulled Selby all the way back to 12 each before Selby finally kept his nerves in check a little better than Carter and stumbled over the line to win 13-12.

It's 1.15 in the morning, ...I can't be bothered saying anything else about the match apart from it was a thriller and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm tired. Feel free to comment and goodnight!

Oh, semi line up:

Higgins vs Maguire
Murphy vs Selby

I won't miss so much snooker now because the sessions don't start until the afternoon and we're down to the one table situation. The boys that have been there before should handle it better than the ones that haven't.

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