Tuesday, 19 June 2007

American Pool: 9-Ball Eurotour Austria

John Vassalos wins the www.poolcomps.com 2007 Austrian Open!
In a nail biting final rack John managed to secure victory against snooker star Tony Drago after spawning a previous chance to win the match 10-8 and allowing Tony to pull it level at 9-9. Luckily for John he was breaking in the final rack and was able to take control of the match and close out for his first victory on the Eurotour.

Unfortunately Tony Drago will have to wait yet again for his first victory on the Eurotour, which is sure to come at some point judging by his consistent performances over the last few seasons.

Some great performances were seen throughout the event most noteably Jasmin Ouschan, who defeated Fabio Petroni, Stephan Cohen and Tony Drago before she fell to World Masters champion Tomas Engert in the last 16. Other strong performances came from what are becoming regular faces in the latter stages of Eurotour events now and can be found in the final placements for the top 16:

1. John Vassalos (Greece)
2. Tony Drago (Malta)
3. Nick van den Berg (Holland)
3. Markus Juva (Finland)
5. Thomas Engert (Germany)
5. Tomasz Kaplan (Poland)
5. Konstantin Stepanov (Russia)
5. Niels Feijen (Holland)
9. Ralph Souquet (Germany)
9. Jonni Fulcher (Great Britain)
9. Stephan Cohen (France)
9. Huidji See (Holland)
9. Albin Ouschan jr. (Austria)
9. Zuroan Svilar (Russia)
9. Imran Majid (Great Britain)
9. Jasmin Ouschan (Austria)

Exciting moves have now been made at the top of the Eurotour Rankings, points were tight and are still tight at the top with only 105 points separating the top 5 players. With his consistant performances over the last season, Konstantine Stepanov, pictured left, has thoroughly deserved his number 1 spot. Hot on his heals only 30 points behind is Great Britain's Jonni Fulcher who also reaches his highest ranking to date.

The top 20 now looks as follows:

1 STEPANOV Konstantin RUS 2145
2 FULCHER Jonni SUI 2115
3 FEIJEN Niels NED 2105
4 PETRONI Fabio ITA 2090
5 PEACH Daryl GBR 2040
6 ORTMANN Oliver GER 2030
7 REIMERING Christian GER 1990
8 SOUQUET Ralf GER 1980
9 ENGERT Thomas GER 1975
10 TSCHUDI Marco SUI 1945
11 DRAGO Tony MLT 1930
12 VAN DEN BERG Nick NED 1925
13 MURATORE Bruno ITA 1875
14 ALCAIDE David ESP 1835
15 KEMPTER Martin AUT 1780
16 FAZANES Antonio ESP 1775
17 SCHMIDT Michael GER 1750
18 DABOVIC Dejan AUT 1730
19 KAPLAN Thomasz POL 1730
20 BABICA Radoslaw POL 1650

More results and pictures can be found at www.eurotour.nu.


andy said...

Hi Jonni,

You've got yourself down as from Great Britain in the results but from Switzerland in the ranking table. Struggling to decide where your loyalties lie?? :-)


Gwynston said...

I noticed that too! What's the story Jonni - are you from a mixed background?

I know the feeling well, having recently applied for a new British passport at the embassy in Dublin, stating on the form that I was born in Calgary!

I could technically apply for British, Canadian and Irish passports! It makes it hard to know who to cheer for in sports events!

Especially this year's Rugby World Cup, since my name is Welsh, but I also follow England, Canada and Ireland!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... well... it is simple really.

I am British, but live in switzerland... eurotour initially put me down as Swiss, but then changed it to British when I made a semi-final stating that I had to have a passport. Since then they have updated some of the records... but missed others...

I know that is a bit dull... hmmm... perhaps I should invent something a little more glitzy?