Monday, 2 July 2007

American Pool: Jonni Fulcher wins the Monfortpokal Open

June saw the 17th return of the Monfortpokal in Feldkirch Austria. In previous years big names have graced the tournament such as Oliver Ortmann, Sandor Tot, Marco Tschudi, Martin Kempter, Florian Hammer... most of whom have been previous champions of the same event. This year would again prove to yield similar such competitors all vying for the esteemed title. Not to be left out, our own Jonni Fulcher decided to try his hand for the first time.

The event runs over three days in a small club on the border of
Austria and Liechtenstein in the cute little town of Feldkirch.
The backdrop for the event is fabulous with mountains lining either side of the valley floor. 80 players gathered together to battle it out for the top prize of 1400 Euros and the famous trophy. The format is groups of four players playing double knockout, race to five, down to two players for each round up to the quarter finals and thereafter single knockout, race to nine, culminating in a race to eleven final. All matches were alternate break format.

With only three days and four tables cramming in a large number of matches resulted in very long days and some matches finished at 4:00 am with the unfortunate victors returning at 9:00 am to continue the battle. Apart from this the environment and the infinite supply of beer made for an enjoyable atmosphere and a good time was had by all. Most notably one of Europe's top players Sandor Tot, who single handedly kept the beer taps well oiled!

The Final was contested between Jonni Fulcher (SUI) and Martin Kempter (AUS) and with a display of almost faultless 9-ball, Fulcher seized the trophy and the cash with an 11-4 victory.

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