Friday, 8 June 2007

Snooker: European Championships

This year the European Amature Snooker Championships are being held in Carlow, Republic of Ireland. The event got underway this Wednesday with a number of big names amateur and ex-professional names in the line up. Most notably Darren Morgen, Eugine Hughes playing in the Seniors. Alex Borg from Malta (Photo left - European champion for the last two years!), Bjorn Haneveer from Belgium, Yannick Poulin from France, Stefan Mazrocis from Holland, Michael White from Wales... The list goes on.

Snooker is spreading ever further and wider accross Europe, this year the list of countries taking part is as large as ever with players from 25 countries and 26 countries in all represented when including referees.
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Jersey, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Wales.

The format for the men's tournament is 8 groups of 8 players playing round robin with the top 4 going through to the last 32 knockout stage. For the Masters it is 4 groups of 8 with top 4 going through to the last 16 knockout stage and for the girls 4 groups of 6 with top 2 going through to the last 8 knockout stage.

The main news for the tournament can be found here. Live scoring can be found here.

We wish everyone a great tournament and I look forward to posting more about the progress of the tournament and perhaps my own progress as the days unfold.


andy said...

Hi Jonni,

Hope everything is going well in Ireland! Have a pint of guiness for me and good luck in the tournament!!

Bring the trophy home for Switzerland, ...or England, ...or Scotland!

I have a picture of the trophy somewhere from when I played in 2004, I find it and post it.


jonni said...

Thanks Man... there is some hot news on the horizon... just watch this space!!!!!!!

andy said...

Hey Jonni,

I've just checked my photos, ...I thought I had one of the trophy by itself, but it's of Martin Schamaun and me cheekily holding the trophy together while nobody was looking, ...after we'd been knocked out of the competition! :-(


Anonymous said...

There are 3 likely winners of the Men's event, Stefan Mazrocis, Bjorn Haneveer and Alex Borg. Group C is tough though, there are three great players in the group in Mazrocis, O'Donoghuhe and van Velthoven.

This may sound a bit "well... duh", but there seem to be a disproportionate amount of Irishmen.

jonni said...

If you think that group is tough... take a look at Group A!!! there are 6 players in that group all capable of going through to the last 32...

andy said...

I think we should all be looking out for young Michael White as well. I think he's got a chance of winning.