Thursday, 17 January 2008

Snooker: Tony Drago Interview on the BBC

Click here for a good interview with Tony Drago BBC website. Tony slates Prestatyn in a big way. Maybe it is time to move snooker qualifiers away from Prestatyn.

I've spoken to a couple of pro players about the place and they've generally described it as a dump!

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Douglas said...

The snooker venue is not so bad, although it's not great either. The problem is the location, Prestatyn is an absolute pit. There is nothing to do there in the winter and in the summer its a kids holiday camp. It's in the middle of nowhere on the edge of Wales facing the Atlantic. No-one would ever voluntarily go there. The only thing to do is play pitch and putt on a shitty waterlogged course next to the venue while suffering cold gale force winds and driving rain...

Well London is a big city and suits everyone. Amazed the venue is not closer to the capital. If it was then even I might start playing again :)