Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Snooker: Former World Champion Number 3 Out on Day 2

Yep, now Hendry is gone. I thought it was going to be a win for Selby rather than a really tough hard fought win! I didn't see the match live so it's difficult to comment on the performance of both players. From what I saw of the highlights and what I've read elsewhere, it looks like the match was a scrappy affair with Selby stepping up a gear when he was 5-3 down to come back and win 5-6. It's a great victory for Selby and another demoralising defeat for Hendry. Hendry will bounce back, he doesn't know when he's beaten. I still fancy him to win at least 1 more ranking event.

Davis was also beaten 6-2 comprehensively by Marco Fu. Davis was very unhappy with his performance and said that Marco would need to up his game in the next round. Marco agreed in his interview, actually he said this before Davis mentioned it, typical Davis diplomacy! ;o) There were some interesting quotes from Davis after the match:

"The end result was that I played rubbish."

"Who knows if this is going to be my last Masters because I might drop out of the top 16 by the end of the season."

"I'd prefer to qualify for the Masters by right, but if I get an invite I won't refuse it. I'll think about my career in the summer."

Ebdon is one of the former Wrold Champions through to the next round. Ryan Day will be very disappointed with his performance, he missed some really easy balls.


Douglas said...

Davis should pack it in. He was missing easy shots throughout his match. The commentators did an admirable job inventing excuses for his repeated mistakes, but it really is time for him to quit. Even I could beat him and I havent played for 2 years! He has also gotton really slow again. He should stick to playing poker now, although it seems he's not very good at that either, as it requires a lot of brainwork... who said playing snooker didn't require a brain.. ?!

andy said...

Harsh comments Douglas! I still think Davis is a class act although I'm not so sure he can win another ranking event. But there are many pros out there that don't quite have it in them to win ranking events as well, ....by that logic, these pros should quit too! :o)

Did you see any of the Premier League before Christmas? Davis played really well in some of the matches and it was a pleasure to see him play. He does seem to play a little better when under the shot clock. I don't want to see him retire yet, but saying that, he's plummeting down the rankings so maybe nobody will have a say in it.

As far as you beating him Mr Hogan, ...I think my money will still be on Davis' back! :o)

Douglas said...

The name's not Hogan, its er... McGuire (Knew I should have posted anonymously). And I would beat Davis, just give me some weeks to practise, loosen the muscles, etc...

Seriously, he's much better playing fast, so he should always be on the clock, and if not official he should clock himself as he plays to keep a rhythm up. Its ok to think about single shot for minutes at a time when you are commentating and Graham 'Safeties' Dott is playing Peter 'Psycho' Ebdon, but at the table he needs to keep it going.