Thursday, 19 February 2009

Snooker: "Mad" Alex Higgins

Thought you might be interested in this:

Snooker player Alex Higgins has been dropped from a charity event in Limerick next month after he allegedly threatened and verbally abused spectators and a referee at a separate match.

The Belfast-born former snooker world champion is reported to have reduced a 10-year-old boy to tears, threatened to smash a snooker ball into a spectator’s face and told the referee at last Thursday’s exhibition match in Kildare that he would stick his cue “up your a***”.

Higgins’ latest debacle took place in Athy, Co Kildare during a game against Jimmy White.

As a result, Limerick and North Tipperary Carer’s Association, who had arranged for the 59-year-old to play in a charity match in Limerick next month, have dropped him from the schedule and replaced him with seven-time world champion, Stephen Hendry.

Sports Editor with the Kildare Nationalist newspaper, Brendan Coffey, acted as referee at last week’s match and experienced Higgins’ abuse and threatening demeanour at first hand.

Mr Coffey claimed Higgins behaved like a “mad man”.

“Alex didn’t seem drunk. He wasn’t acting like a drunken man, just a mad man,” he said.

“At one stage he picked up the cue like someone with a spear in Braveheart and said that if anyone annoys him, he’d stab them in the chest with it.

“He shoved a ball in front of one person’s face and said he smash him between the eyes with it if he distracted him again,” Mr Coffey claimed.

Higgins was also alleged to have scolded a 10-year-old boy sitting in the front row for apparently distracting him. The boy was reduced to tears.

Taken from the Belfast Telegraph here

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Douglas said...

Hilarious! Great to see Higgins is back to his old self. The guy can't make 3 blacks in a row these days, but that's not why people go to see him. The kid crying is a bit silly cos he's too young to remember that that is the real Hurricane, hell-raising it up. The difference now is that he used to be skilled and mad, now he is cr*p and mad. The guy who was threatened with the ball prob deserved it for not behaving himself with Higgins in the vicinity, and the guy who nearly got speared was asking for it. Come on Alex! He will stir it up till he dies. Replacing him with Hendry, what's the point? Hendry will not stir it up, he may play some better snooker but hes still cr%p compared to how he used to be. People go to see Higgins cos they like controversy and its great to see him delivering it... :)