Monday, 28 April 2008

Snooker: World Championships - The Genius Does It Again

Amazing, Ronnie's come out in the final session of his match against Mark Williams in magical form and made a maximum 147 break to win the the match in the 20th frame of the match, the frame that took him to his winning 13th frame!!!! He's taken the match 13-7.

This makes him the leading maximum man with 9 to his name in competition, Hendry is now second with 8.

Well done Ronnie! 157,000 smackeroonies (and a Bently GT convertible by the sounds of things) are coming your way! :o)

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Gwynston said...

What a great break! Amazingly, he's won almost half a million quid from 147s at the Crucible alone!

He looked incredibly chuffed about it afterwards and if he can keep producing the magic, then who's to say he can't win the whole thing again? As we know with Ronnie he usually wins or loses in his own head and this might be the fillip to spur him on for the rest of the week.

He plays Liang Wenbo next who's done very well thus far, but I can't see him being consistent enough to beat Ronnie. In fact, he should have been beaten by Swail last night who made a fantastic comeback and I was sure Liang was out as his decision making had gone out the window for 4 frames once he'd won his 12th frame.

He's going to have to hold back his attacking instincts a bit against Ronnie, or he'll get severely punished.